Marici is the Buddhist Goddess of Dawn, the moment when light overcomes darkness.

She represents awakening, triumph over evil, and victory in the face of extreme hardship. Riding on a chariot driven by boars, Marici fearlessly removes all obstacles to freedom, happiness, and well-being.

Throughout antiquity, warriors worshipped Marici at dawn to invoke her courage and her powers of invisibility. Since she rides in front of the sun, she is undetectable and can never be captured or bound. Meditations devoted to her offered a path for warriors to strengthen compassion. Through mastery of the self, they became selfless servants of their mission.

For our organization, Marici represents the force that enables these girls to be free and the girls themselves radiate her light. Once free, they embody Marici, protecting others from the clutches of slavery. Read our Marici Stories to see how survivors are bravely reclaiming their lives and helping more girls like them to find freedom.


Marici Stories

Restored Childhood

Sara was rescued with two other minors from a hardened career trafficker who had been operating for over twenty years. When rescued, Sara was so traumatized that she couldn’t feel anything anymore.

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Dauntless Bravery

During a high-risk rescue operation, a 14-year-old girl named Malee demonstrated extraordinary courage. The target building was located in a well-protected village, so in true Marici fashion, we raided at dawn. A team of 60 was deployed at 5am. Immediately after we found her, Malee helped us identify all of the traffickers responsible for her slavery.

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Warrior Spirit

We recently invited a survivor, Amina, into our office to meet our leadership team. Her story was heartbreaking. After losing both parents at a young age, she was trafficked by her guardians. They sold her virginity at the age of 12 and forced her into the sex trade.

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Intellectual Curiosity

Mia was never given the opportunity to enjoy intellectual pursuits. Throughout childhood, her parents pulled her out of school so that she could make money as a maid. Continually moving from house to house, she was eventually forced into sex work at age 12. She was sold throughout a private network for years until her rescue.

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