Marici’s Holistic Solution

Marici’s holistic solution reduces child sex trafficking by over 80% in highly affected regions.

  • Intelligence Collection: Infiltrating and raiding child sex trafficking networks
  • Aftercare: Rehabilitating rescued survivors
  • Legal: Prosecuting criminal syndicates
  • Community Building: Strengthen communities to protect their neighborhood from traffickers

Intelligence Collection

We have built a unique ability to identify traffickers, understand them, and disrupt them.

To collect intelligence, our undercover teams cultivate sources and we embed our team members in child sex trafficking networks. Using this intelligence, our analysts map these syndicates’ activities, connections, victims, and locations leveraging the world's leading intelligence analysis software. We then design custom takedown strategies for each syndicate. Our intelligence teams meticulously collect the evidence that our legal team needs to shut down these networks.

Once a network is flagged Ready to Raid, we:
STEP1Partner with police units, providing them with intel.
STEP2Raid the syndicate’s locations.
STEP3Arrest and prosecute the criminals, shut down the establishments, and liberate the survivors.
In 2023, we will neutralize over 300 networks, which will save over 18,000 girls from being trafficked
Intel Collection

One of our female undercover operatives gathered intelligence on a spa that was engaged in sex trafficking. She cultivated an employee there who introduced her to the kingpin that was running multiple spas. She managed to build trust and get hired to work under the kingpin, even getting promoted to being her bookkeeper. She has been embedded in this network for months and has mapped a number of child sex trafficking networks connected to the kingpin and many locations across the city that are selling girls. This kind of intelligence fuels our operations and gives freedom to survivors.


Childhood is all about fun, laughter, and learning. When a girl is sex trafficked, all of this is taken from her.

She loses her home, her family, and her future. Our aftercare team brings the power of true healing to uplift these children into joy, peace, and love. Our counselors use the best science-based therapies to move them past their trauma. Our educators activate their natural curiosity with play-based learning and gamified digital classrooms.

We bring their aspirations to life through career counseling, training, and support with job placement in their field of interest.

These programs restore the fun, laughter, and learning that make childhood so precious.

Our aftercare team takes care of the health needs of the survivor from the moment she is rescued throughout her aftercare journey.
Case work covers every aspect of aftercare support and is all-encompassing in a survivor’s rehabilitation process. It includes continuous follow ups by social workers and counsellors to holistically move her through our aftercare services. We provide psychological counselling, design her educational and skills training journey, monitor her progress in all our programs, support reunification with families when safe, and ensure successful reintegration.
Our team conducts home investigations which help us understand how the survivor was trafficked. Meetings and counselling sessions are conducted with parents of survivors to ascertain whether reunification is possible. In many cases, for a plethora of reasons, reunification is not possible and the survivors’ potential for future success is better accommodated within the environment of the shelter home.
Our gamified AI-based digital learning program brings more fun into the shelter homes and teaches survivors conversational English in 6-12 months in an exciting, personalized way. The ability to speak English is one of the most powerful economic tools our girls can be given.
Our team uplifts our survivors through this therapeutic program filled with joy, healing, and inspiration. This includes music, art, dance therapy, an online fitness program, problem solving and leadership training, festival celebrations, wilderness camp, board games, storytelling, magic shows, movie nights, theater, healthy cooking lessons, gardening, meditation, journaling, and play of various forms.
Our mentors empower survivors with professional and life skills. These healthy and positive mentor-mentee relationships help them overcome their pain and suffering and set them up for future success.
Career guidance starts off with psychometric tests of the girls, followed by career counselling sessions with mentors. These sessions are conducted on a one-on-one basis, with an experienced career counsellor who provides 360-degree insight, training program identification, and job placement support.
“Hello. I have learned lots of things. I have learned to talk in English. I have learned how to use the laptop because of the English program. I will keep learning while I am here. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Rescued survivor who couldn’t speak English 4 months ago.

“I am not guilty of my past, but today I feel it is my duty to speak the truth and save hundreds of other girls.”
Sara, age 16

Testifying against her traffickers

Community Building

We strengthen communities to become watchdogs against this crime so they can protect their neighborhoods and be the sustainable solution to this problem. We form community vigilance groups, adolescent girl groups, and youth collectives in child sex trafficking hotspots. These groups become the front line of defense in identifying, reporting, and sustainably keeping this crime out of their community.

In 2021, we shut down major trafficking hubs to save over 2,000 girls from being sex trafficked.
Community Building

There was a school that had recently participated in a training program with our community team where they had been educated on identifying trafficking. A teacher noticed red flags that she was trained to spot in one of her students. She approached the student and, through speaking to her, discovered that the child, without knowing it was about to be sex trafficked out of the state. She reported the case, and the child was saved from sex trafficking.

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