Child sex trafficking is a cruel injustice against the bodies, minds, and futures of our youth.

Systems of trafficking are opaque with minimal available data

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crime

Each region has unique root causes

This complex problem requires a systems solution.


Sex trafficking is a global problem, but solving it requires a local focus.

Eliminate criminal networks through intelligence collection, raids, and legal action.

Strengthen communities to identify, report, and sustainably eliminate trafficking.

Work with local governments to enforce anti-trafficking laws, reduce corruption, and shut down sex trafficking operations.


The criminal, sociocultural, and political dynamic can vary greatly across regions.

In order to scale, we adapt our solution to the distinctive characteristics of each new region. We must utilize a 2-step framework to rapidly design custom interventions for each of our three core pillars.

STEP1Understand the unique nature of the problem in a specific geography.
STEP2Tailor our solution suite to its root causes.

We have an interdisciplinary team of over 250+ intelligence collectors, analysts, prosecutors, community builders, aftercare, and government relations specialists.

We partner with local governments and measure the impact of our integrated systems approach. Our goal is to achieve an 80% reduction in child sex trafficking in our focus regions.

3 Trafficking Hubs
Shut Down
2,800 Girls Saved from Being Trafficked
530+ Sex Trafficking Networks Neutralized
27,000+ Girls Saved from Being Trafficked
Trafficking Hubs
1,500+ Girls Saved from Being Trafficked

Total Girls Saved from Being Trafficked: 31,000+


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